This workshop was established in 1907

martedì 1 marzo 2016


 Giulio Monteverde head sculpting

Draw sculpting study, clay modelling and chalk definite work.

Monteverde Giulio head for the commemorative event about Italian illuminate minds.

Wax 3D modelling

Paperweight 3D wax modelling for lost-wax casting process.
Child sitting on fish Bernini style. 

 Work collaboration with:


Bas relief

Commission for the Vatican State

Every year, for the Immaculate day, the Italian mint state offers a sculpture representing Virgin Maria to the Vatican State.
I was selected with others three colleague to realize it.
First model in clay than made in chalk and final made in synthetic resin white painted.

Clay modelling detail
Chalk realization

Sculpting team

 Immaculate day


 Some work steps

Detail modelled in negative and cleaning

Some bas relief study

Life sculpting
Profile study
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
Dante Alighieri

sabato 6 febbraio 2016


Emboss by chisel

That technique is a really ancient goldsmith technique it exist from as early as third millennium B.C.
Natural pitch bases on marble support are fixing the support while hammer and chisels emboss the metal support.

Copper leaf decoration emboss.

Book cover in green velvet with brass angles decoration

Steps making my own steal chisels.

 Gold tempering metals.

domenica 31 gennaio 2016



 Water harmony.
Wax model for lost-wax casting process to applied on crystal half sphere.


Wax Jewelry Model

Athena Head
Handmade natural wax modelling of a ancient greek-roman statue.
The oval support made in slate was chosen for exposition reason.

Hellboy's hand
Chemical blu wax modelling during processing.

Cloisonné brooch

It is the oldest enamelling technique: its name comes from the French "cloison" which means "cell, compartment or cavity".
After drawing subject contours on the plate is fixed above it  wires or thin metal strips. Then is stretched the enamel in the alveoli which were formed.

 Transparent hight temperature enamel on copper with silver finishings

Paint enamel

Enamels with that technique are used as normal oil colors and the metal surface as if it were a canvas.
Special pigments opaque high temperature enamel on copper bases


Without copper oxidation.
Transparent enamels color are combined and overlapping

Gaugain ''Polynesian girls'' on copper plate (5cmx5cm)


On black base is applied layer by layer the white color. It fuse with the black pigments making gray tonality until arrive to the maximum white point.

Hight temperature enamel paint of greek statue on copper plate


The Champlevé It is a very old technique.
The hight temperature enamel is applied within the empty spaces created by the merger.

Hidden letters inside ring decoration
Transparent high temperature blu enamel on silver 925

Haraldic of a Roman neighborhood.
Transparent high temperature enamel on copper


Hand engraving

Renaissance decoration with detail in trample technique
Hand-push burin engraving on brass plache.


Steel bas-relief sculpture of Michelangelo Buonarroti profile.
Chesels and hand-push burin engraving.

Steel bas-relief sculpture in negative of
Diana staue from the Archibald fountain in Sydney.
Hand-push burin engraving on steel plache.

 work step
the final result

Hand-push burin engraving on brass plache
Bas-relief  Emperor Titus Vespasian Caesar Augustus profile


Hand-push burin engraving on brass plache of heraldic seal for wax press
Heraldic of Rovigo province

Heraldic of Cagliari province

Stone engraving

Italian red marble (collemandina) with hand engravin Atena profile.

Burin engraving

Hand-push burin engraving of  a baroque decorative element on copper plate.

 Printed with a 1900 press wheel mand move machine on a fine cotton paper

 Baroque decoration gable.
Hand-push burin engraving on copper plate.

  Printed with a 1900 press wheel mand move machine on a fine cotton paper

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